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Billiards is a hobby, a pastime, a passion, a sport and even a lifestyle. Someone likes to play billiards just for the fun of it and someone makes a living playing billiard tournaments. Some people like to shoot pool; others prefer Russian billiards or carambole. But there is no person completely indifferent to billiards.
Billiards is a centuries-old game, though the exact date and place of its origin is unknown, the only known fact is that it came from the east, like chess. Sometime ago billiards was just another game for high-society, but now it’s available for everyone and many people are won over by it.
A lot of people don’t even suspect about how useful can billiards be. The billiards does not require any physical prowess whatsoever. Nevertheless, it helps players to maintain a proper stature. And that does not only look good, but is good for your health as well. Billiards also improves your eyesight, hand-eye coordination, reaction and resourcefulness. People that want to become more composed and diligent also have to try playing this sport, because the billiards will teach them these virtues.
Billiards is a very graceful game that only seems easy. It still has some aristocratic feel to it, which is also attractive for some people. This game will help you behave with dignity in every situation. Even when losing, you’ll remain calm, confident and even smiling.

Billiards can help you relieve stress and put aside all your problems. After all, the moment when cue touches the ball is the moment everything else ceases to exist for you. The game takes you over from the very first moments.

Are you interested in billiards? Then dive right into this mysterious world of dark-green fabric and visit these websites:
Irish Snooker Association

Irish Snooker Association «

The home base of the P.J. Nolan Academy of Champions will be the New Ivy Rooms Snooker Club Carlow in the Republic of Ireland
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Joyce Way, Parkwest Business Park Dublin address
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Irish Pool Association

Irish Pool Association «

The Irish Pool Association are committed to assisting our players to become the best players that they can be. We have teamed up with snooker and pool coach PJ Nolan to develop a coaching programme suitable for all players. PJ will be available at some of our tournaments throughout the year to offer individual coaching sessions (contact John McMahon 086 8211302 for further information).
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TEL: 018306600 Phone
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Irish Blackball Association

Irish Blackball Association «

The Southern Ireland Pool Federation (SIPF) has been running local leagues since 1981 with over 40 clubs in the Dublin area alone, including the Ballymun Club. But in 1990 the chairperson, Martin Kirwan (as seen on the left), along with Jim McCabe, Gerry Bergen and Sylvester Byrne established its international identity in order to promote good relations between Northern and Southern Irish Pool players. Since then, SIPF has grown in stature and has been sending teams to National and International events throughout Europe for almost two decades now.
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