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Irish Prayers

Religion in Ireland plays a huge role. The main religions are Catholicism and Protestantism. All schools in Ireland are divided by religions. The study of God’s law, regular prayers and church attendance take up some part of the Irish scholars’ day. Already during childhood the Irish have to join in religious life and they have to remain pious in adult life. Irish prayers (as a way of communication with the God) are inalienable part of Irish culture.

Irish prayers are much like other prayers of the world. Irish prayers are the same – appeal of believer to the God. Irish prayers tell about different saints. Especially a lot of them appeal to Saint Patrick. It is not surprising, for Saint Patrick is one of the most honored saints in Ireland. It was he, who forced out heathenism from Ireland; thanks to Saint Patrick Irish prayers acquired new patterns and are now addressed to a different God.

Irish prayers
about St. Patrick look like legends. For example, common Irish prayers are ”Saint Patrick’s shield” or, how it is also called, “ Deer’s prayer”. It tells how a saint and his followers went to the capital of Ireland to preach for the king. Druids learned about it and decided to make an ambush. However, missionaries, who sang a prayer, passed them with no trouble. The druids saw nothing but a herd of deer. Nowadays this prayer reads for defending from life disorder and enemies.

During the reading of Irish prayers we can get familiar with culture and history of Emerald Island. If you are not a very pious person, then Irish prayers will help you to learn a lot about Ireland, and, of course, you will be able to study the Irish language. Irish prayers will also be very interesting for pious people and you will certainly like many of those prayers.

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